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Inner Self Healing offers you holistic therapies, that could truly make  altering changes, and significant improvements in your life.

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Inner Self Healing is focused on helping you heal, energise, and become aware of your  inner self strengths. You will be provided with a safe space to focus on you, and what you would like to achieve.  

Inner vision

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Inner Self Healing will be there for you every step of your journey. The goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 


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I really enjoyed smoking, and I didn’t see the health issues as a reason to stop. Something that did bother me a lot, was the fact that I was burning my money,  also the smell in my hair, clothes and the yellowish stains in my teeth and fingers. I found my reason to quit, now it was the moment to seek help… I had the option of patches, the electric cigarette (I think that is passing from one problem to another) and I read about hypnosis and hypnotherapy; In the beginning I was a bit skeptical however, I went to see Tara in Summertown Oxford , and she was very truthful, and direct. She explained that hypnotherapy is not a magic trick, and I needed to be 100% sure and have the desire to stop. I had two sessions, the first a cutting down session and the second was the stop smoking for good. I did it, and it worked, in two weeks I stopped smoking. It has been seven months and I don’t feel any cravings. And yes sometimes when I see other people smoking for a split second I think, “umm it would be nice to have a cigarette” but something in my mind comes back immediately and tells me… "You will be burning your money and don’t forget the smell…etc. I think you get the picture.  Tara was amazing… Thank you so much. I will come to see you again as I need help with my insect phobia!

Hypnotherapy Oxford.


It was a wonderful Reiki session. I slept like a baby and was painless for the first time in years! Tara is amazing and so efficient. 

Summertown, Oxford. 


Inner Self Healing... the good life!

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