About Reiki healing with Tara

My journey


When I was in Secondary school, my friends and I were deciding what we wanted to be when we grew up. In my heart I felt that I was meant to help people. My friends would ask how I wanted to help people, and I honestly didn’t have an answer to give, as none of the conventional methods felt right to me. 

Fifteen years later after a lot of research, and study I can finally answer that question. I help people work through their issues using Reiki, Hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

How Inner self healing can help you


Reiki, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are alternative therapies that treat the whole self, the mind, body and spirit. Everything in our body is connected, from a sore toe, a headache, to feeling emotions like anger or joy. If the root cause of the issue is treated, then all the other symptoms will disappear. 

If you are having problems with your relationships, financial situation, health issues, fears and beliefs, then the place to start healing is your inner self. Your inner self is the truth of who you are. Once you start to work on your inner self, you will find that your outer world will change aswell.  

Change for the better


You don’t have to work through it alone. It is incredibly strong to step forward and admit that you are not feeling 100%, and that you are having difficulties in an area of your life. It is courageous to come forward and want to change a pattern of behaviour and become the best version of yourself. Whatever you want to change, it can be done, and it is never too late. 

Reiki and/or hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you with a wide range of issues, for every problem, difficulty or situation you are facing, there is always a solution.