Hypnotherapy Worthing

I really enjoyed smoking, and I didn’t see the health issues as a reason to stop. Something that did bother me a lot, was the fact that I was burning my money,  also the smell in my hair, clothes and the yellowish stains in my teeth and fingers. I found my reason to quit, now it was the moment to seek help… I had the option of patches, the electric cigarette (I think that is passing from one problem to another) and I read about hypnosis and hypnotherapy; In the beginning I was a bit skeptical however, I went to see Tara and she was very truthful, and direct. She explained that hypnotherapy is not a magic trick, and I needed to be 100% sure and have the desire to stop. I had two sessions, the first a cutting down session and the second was the stop smoking for good. I did it, and it worked, in two weeks I stopped smoking. It has been seven months and I don’t feel any cravings. And yes sometimes when I see other people smoking for a split second I think, “umm it would be nice to have a cigarette” but something in my mind comes back immediately and tells me… "You will be burning your money and don’t forget the smell…etc. I think you get the picture.  Tara was amazing… Thank you so much. I will come to see you again as I need help with my insect phobia!


Hypnotherapy Worthing


It was a wonderful Reiki session. I slept like a baby and was painless for the first time in years! Tara is amazing and so efficient. 

Reiki Healing, Worthing